Saturday, April 4, 2009


Brian, the doll face, has taken the boy out while he trains with a student who will be testing soon. I'm supposed to be napping in our silent house made dark with my eye mask, but my grumbling stomach has kept me up. But I don't want to eat anything. Nothing we have here anyway. I know what it all tastes like coming back up. I'm not complaining, this time, so far, is much easier than Eli.

Despite my queezy stomach, my mind keeps turning to wurst. I rather like the European idea of making a neat, homogenous package out of the leftover meat that looks or tastes unappetizing. This is where I part from my humble Mexican ancestors and Andrew Zimmern who eat funky stuff in its natural form. I keep looking down at the skype window with my sister's name on it and wish I could switch spots with her, even if just for lunch. I bet she has all the supplies for making wurstsalat in her Swiss fridge right now. I feel like driving downtown to the Vienna Bistro just to ask the chef if he would take pity on me and make the salad of cold sliced hot dog and onion on a bed of butter lettuce swimming in a creamy, vinegary dressing. While you think about how crazy that sounds, I'm wondering why I have to want something out of season and thousands of miles away.


cirila said...

i know how you feel. but i must say when i was in switzerland this past fall (while pregnant) everything i hoped for only disappointed. but i didn't really have the energy to search for my favorites.

Grandma Corrales said...

ah...the joys of being pregnant! You bring back lots of memories, Helena...I think it was B vitamin shots I got at the Dr. office when I was pregnant with Kim (and lost 7pounds my first month) they really did help...well, my only advice is to continue gazing at that terrific, wonderful, beautiful, and absolutely perfect blessing you gave birth to 2 1/2 years ago, and it will help you to remember it's all worth every minute of it! We love you, and continue to pray that the morning sickness is easier this time around.