Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Good 'Ol Days

Few hours old

2 Months-helping teach Sunday school

9 Months- Munching toes

1 Year- Still loves pears

14 Months- Can't believe Brian let me wait this long to cut his hair!

Brian and I often notice that these are the days. Eli is more like a buddy we hang out with than a little one to take care of. He sleeps a good 10 hours, is half-way potty trained, eats what we eat (usually by himself), and plays on his own, no longer clingy and needing constant attention and holding. He likes to watch movies, go on walks, and even cleans up after himself. Although, mischief is often involved when he runs off, usually meaning a hunt in high places for candy or tormenting the cat.

The other day I was looking into our archives for a picture Brian's mom wanted and all those pictures of our used-to-be baby got me remembering the fun days (not necessarily nights) when he was smaller and less independent. Since the blog is pretty new and even my memory of those times has faded, I thought I'd share a few.


Anna said...

I remember when he was that little. Cute.

Esther said...

He grew up so fast! That was fun to see those pictures and remember him being so tiny.

Grandma Corrales said...

Oh my goodness! What fun memories those pictures brought back to Grandpa and I!! Now we're even more excited to get to know grandchild #2...Eli is growing up so fast. It will be fun to watch him become the big brother. Thank you for sending the pictures to me. They will be absolutely perfect for the book.

kim said...

Eli has sure grown up. The pictures brought back a lot of memories. He's always been such a cutie. That's exciting that you saw the baby's heart beat. I can't wait to know the gender of the baby.

Over the moon said...

Oh the memories! I remember Eli at each of those stages, such a sweet lil' face he has! Hope you are doing well Helena! I can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl!!!