Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Next to Soo Bahk, I think it's Brian's favorite thing to do. Weather permitting, he has the goal of going fishing every weekend this summer. The first two Saturdays have been Silver Lake Flat behind Mt. Timpanogos in American Fork Canyon. Beautiful, huh?

The less crowded and more out of the way the lake is, the better for my rural Idahoan, although that makes the drive longer and more treacherous. Thanks for the Jeep, father-in-law Frank. It's coming in mighty handy.

I don't mind the journey, as long as there's food and Eli's happy. In that order. Eli doesn't mind either. He loves exploring the bank and forest for sticks and rocks and animals (chipmunks and humming birds so far), although he's still too timid to touch the fish, so he makes me do it.

When it comes to eating them, he's quite eager. The first time we brought out the serving dish with the one lonely fish caught that day, he was seriously concerned about the missing head.

So, if it's Saturday morning and the weather is nice, you know what we'll be doing. If anyone knows of any good fishing holes, please tell. Brian's dedicated enough to drive into Wyoming. And if you want to come we have an extra pole and would love company. Don't worry, we bring all the comforts of home.


cirila said...

There are some great fishing holes around here.

Helena said...

I don't need good fishing spots to want to come out there. He would love to go in the ocean, Oregon always seems to be too rough.

How do you know about fishing holes?

Grandpa Corrales said...

Reminds me of fishing at Buster Lake just outside of Challis and backpacking into Idaho high mountain lakes to fish with Brian when he was a little boy and teenager. You are building nice memories. I started taking Brian backpacking when he was about 8 years old. It is neat that Eli enjoys outdoor activities.
Grandpa Corrales