Thursday, June 4, 2009

Medical Evidence No Longer Required

Truly realizing I'm pregnant seems to come in stages. It takes a while to swallow big news, right? I remember with Eli how weird it was those first few weeks because I felt normal. But, the test was positive...Then comes the sickness. This time stress over a miscarriage or something being wrong with the baby made me somewhat relieved when the nausea would return.

Lately my showing has become obvious, with the first stranger comment today at Walmart. Maybe she just noticed the on sale newborn-size Gerber shirts I was buying. But even a growing belly isn't a tell-tale sign with all the bloating and digestion issues that first make a person outgrow their waste bands (as if I had a flat stomach to begin with).

Hearing the heartbeat at the doctor's is really amazing, although it only lasts a couple seconds a month. But now I have had the final confirmation yet, and the most exciting. A couple nights ago I laid in bed with my hands on my belly and felt a little thump. 17 weeks.

Another little thump just reminded me to write.


Anna said...

that must be such an amazing feeling. how cool. btw, are you meeting me at my mom's tonight or do you want me to come pick you up?

cirila said...

I'm glad you are writing it all down cause how quickly one forgets.

kim said...

That must be a wonderful feeling to feel your baby kick! How exciting.

Grandma Corrales said...

there isn't a better, more exciting feeling in all the world than those first few 'thumps'...we're so happy for you. Thank you for sharing all these amazing experiences. It makes the distance seem not quite-so-distant.
Love you!