Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It May Not Seem Like A Miracle To You

But finding just the right tankini was a momentous occasion for me. Swim suit shopping is the worst because finding the perfect one is nearly impossible. It's like wedding dress shopping: driving all over, trying all possible stores and coming across many duds, except this time I have a wiggly two-year old trying to get lost and escaping fitting rooms while I'm quite vulnerable. I feel like I'm a normal enough person until the need for well-fitting swim attire arises, then I think I must be shaped like a sideways pear. And I'm not even too worried about pastiness and extra pounds, it's just that stores don't seem to think that a woman might want some coverage and support on top (wait until I throw maternity in there, that might be an impossible combination). It's either saggy granny or hangin' out hootchie. I was really distraught when Nordy's couldn't even help me in my willingness to spend big bucks. But there is some light at the end of this tunnel.

After some research I found that one store in Utah carries Lands End bathing suits--normally just online and known for fit and quality-- a Sears at a mall right down the road (chalk another one up for city life, honey). It was amazing this morning, the fact that they had suits with underwires as well as them being made specifically to flatter certain body types (triangle, inverted triangle, etc) and a helpful employee ta boot, I felt like giving them more money than they were asking. I even ended up getting a skirt bottom, which I always considered to be for the self-conscious, instead I just look like a cute tennis player. Maybe Eli won't be as embarrassed of his mom at our mom-n-tot swimming lessons that start next week. Now I can't wait.


Anna said...

if you want a maternity suit for later in the summer, check this website out:

I'm excited to see your skirted suit. So cute I'm sure.

Grandma Corrales said...

ah, the joys of womanhood! and motherhood too! Thanks for making me smile today as I, too, reminisce over the shopping experience to find the perfect suit..the one that would not embarrass me or the kids at Bear the way, I gave up years ago and just wear shorts and a tee shirt now...