Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I'm using that word a lot it seems, but it sounds better than jealous. Eli has a couple of friends (Curt and Zeke) that already have their little sisters. My visiting teaching companion, who also has a two year old boy, is even due the same day as me with a girl. In Relief Society some ladies were remembering that they were worried about being able to love #2 as much as the first. I find that incomprehensible.

I'm beginning to wonder if I would be quite this enthusiastic if were weren't expecting a girl. I've finally got the desire to sew again and even made something totally unnecessary instead of napping yesterday. A reversible tote for my 5 year old niece. Now I have it in my head that pillowcase dresses are the "best thing since sliced bread" (not that I find the stuff good). I got out a stack of pillowcases embroidered by Brian's grandma with dreams of making baby heirlooms and was about to skip today's nap when I realized our little one wouldn't even need it for 2 more years. She won't even be here for 4 more months.

Until then I'll appreciate my quiet nights, her little thumps, and one-on-one time with my sweet toddler. How much longer will he yells "mom!" every five seconds for half an hour straight (no matter how often and sweetly I answer) if exciting things like buses, trains, animals or toys are in view. Right now I'm the coolest person and he's excited to cook and clean or do nothing with me. He teaches me that a snail on the sidewalk, stopping to watch for the train to pass, and seeing the moon in the sky are the good things in life.

Man, am I the only one with wet eyes after that last paragraph? Probably.

Hopefully he'll be as enthralled by a little sister.


Staci said...

Nope - your last paragraph made me appreciate my little guy so much more too...and I don't even have the excuse of being pregnant and emotional :)

Sarah Flib said...

I love baby thumps, too!

Esther said...

So sweet Helena! I can't wait for your little girl to be here too, but I'm happy you are enjoying this time with Eli too!