Monday, August 3, 2009

Bear Lake: Everyone's Favorite

This weekend we went to the lake with our friends, the Robins, and also met up with my parents. We all love that it's a pretty short drive (2 1/2 hrs) to reach water and sand and a chance to escape the heat; it was almost 20 degrees cooler up there. Now that I think about it, we also had different reasons for liking it.

Eli got to play with his two favorite people in the world, Emi (his most beloved friend) and Grandpa Al (the funnest adult ever). He even got to ride there with Emi, his first trip without us. At the lake he wasn't much for the sand (messy) and water (chilly) and didn't even like going out in the boat. Thank goodness for the company.

Brian is always excited for the raspberry shakes and lounging in a tube on the lake, espcially with friends. This time he was also crazy about the musical, Annie Get Your Gun, we saw at the little theater in town.

For me it was a special treat the first night to put the boy to bed in the cabin and sit out around the fire, roasting marshmallows and talking with friends. It felt like a date. I loved seeing my boys so happy, espcially their slumber parties that gave me my own bed.


Kim said...

I'm so glad you guys had such a fun time at Bear Lake. I miss that place so much. I like how Bri is keeping the family tradition of going there every summer.

Over the moon said...

Hey, Brian is wearing my blanket. No wonder I was freezing out there ;0). J/K! Thanks for the great food, great trip, and Awesome Great company.

We love you guys!
Sethy Poop, C-dawg and Krazi Em-Bem

bcorrales said...

Sethy Poop?