Sunday, August 9, 2009


Are those tears? Poor kid. He's recovering from a temper tantrum in dad's sympathetic arms. As if he was the victim. What would cause the largest of his few-and-far-between melt downs?... Hand holding.

It has to be almost two years now, the boy won't let Brian and me hug, sit near each other, or hold hands. He always squeezes himself between us and usually pushes Brian away. Because we're not newly weds its not a big deal and we usually cooperate to keep the peace after letting him know that we love him AND each other and offer to let him join in. After asking many others, Eli's the only kid we've heard of with this expectation: to be the only one to get love from mom. We always thought it was kind of funny and when telling a friend about it, she said we should just keep holding hands and not give in. Ya, this kid's not boss.

Besides that, he has a sister on the way and will have to share us with her. He won't even let Charlie sit on my lap. Not a good sign, even if he is gentle with and interested in the little babies he's met. It's time to break him of this. I don't think a "phase" lasts 2/3 of a person's life and will not likely stop within 3 months.

Tonight on a nice Sunday stroll, Eli pushed his bike while we followed. When he discovered our illegal hand-holding and we didn't comply with his orders to separate, the screaming began. As we all know, all logic and listening disappears with a tantrum, so we headed home. We must've been quite a site to all those people we passed. A dad holding a flailing two-year old in one arm while holding hands with his un-phased and happy pregnant wife carrying a bike.

I've never said this here yet, but any advice would be welcomed.


Over the moon said...

That's a hard one. It's so cute, but yet with a baby sister on the way, I can see how that situation would need to change! Hopefully the brotherly instincts kick in (whatever those are) and he'll understand baby sis needs some lovin' and feedin' from mommy too! I have no advice, I'm still trying to keep my 2 year old from running out in the road :0)! Good luck!

Aubrey said...

madison went through that phase when she was around 2. we didn't let it get to us though. we just let her know that yes, we hold her hands too. and give her hugs and kisses sometimes too, but that mommy and daddy can also do that. after a while she just got used to it. good luck!!

Anna said...

I have no advice, but good luck! I think your approach of doing it anyway and just hoping he gets used to it is all I can think of too. Hopefully some of your mommy friends will have some insight.

That sure is a cute picture of Brian and Eli though.

Esther said...

How funny! Good luck, sorry I don't have any good advice either.