Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Yes, it is what it appears. He is fighting underwear. For a year now he has been using his potty without accidents, as long as we're at home and he isn't wearing a diaper or pants or anything. I'm just grateful that there's less to clean up and figure it must be a step in the right direction, even if it requires a little toddler nakiness. But a year? There must be some progress, I'm thinking. The last couple weeks he has really started to talk more and has finally decided to tell us BEFORE he poops in a diaper (when he happens to be wearing one at home). Surely he's responsible enough for undies. If I could only get them on him. After a year of going without I'm sure he doesn't see the need.

Sunday the idea was new and he wore them willingly. He even kept them dry the whole time. I've realized that rewards for #1 in the potty are more crucial than #2. I'm thinking the IF part of my IF THEN statement is too long:

IF you wear your undies and pull them on to go potty and pull them back up THEN you get a chocolate chip.

Lately he even peals off his shirt, saying "owie," which can merely mean "uncomfortable". I let him get cold to talk him into clothes, but he insists he only needs a blanket.

Just in case you're wondering what its like at our house.


bcorrales said...

Fun post Lena! You're going to become a fine programmer. Great if then statement!

if undies && undies.pull(down) && undies.pull(up)

Leilani said...

LOL @ Brian's comment. Sounds like the kind of comment my hubby would make. Did you try letting him pick out some underwear? My boys seemed to do better when they were worrying about offending Lightening McQueen with...well...you know. :)

cirila said...

Eli looks like a super hero!