Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Snap Press Glee

How could someone be so excited to get such a hideous mechanism? I've only had it for an hour and have already put it together, used it, and now posted about it. I've been checking the tracking information every day, waiting for that delivery man to lug this 22 pound KAM snap press to my door on the 3rd floor. I wasn't even annoyed that he rang the doorbell during nap time. And all it does is put snaps on things.

Back in February I had just finished sewing 20 more diapers, all by myself. The first batch, that Eli currently wears, was mostly sewn by Anna while I timidly hid behind the duties of tracing, cutting, pinning, marking. She had more experience and we wanted them (60+ of them) DONE. Lets just say I was slightly frustrated when I had actually sewn my own, start to finish, and the snap machine we were using suddenly went back to its rightful owner that lives far away. If its one thing I hate, its not finishing a project. It drives me crazy. And so my pile of chocolate brown and ivory diapers has sat, snapless, for 6 months until last week I finally asked Brian if I could get a snap press. Frivolous, I know.

My argument was that I wanted all the diapers done by the time the baby comes and that there are lots of other things to snap (like this pillow, blanket, cape, quiet book, anything that would need a button, just 10 times faster) . And I can share its convenience with all my friends. Brian didn't need much convincing. If I want something enough to ask, cheapskate that I am, it must be important. Besides that, his parents must have rubbed off on him greatly. His dad is the sweetest, goofiest guy, always buys the highest quality things for his family and nothing himself (except music). And his mom has quite the stash of crafting tools and supplies, so he must've grown up thinking all women do. Mostly, I think he knows making stuff makes me happy, and that's what he wants.

I could, though, see him saving the receipt in case I open an Etsy shop or stand at the farmer's market. He's intense about the tax write-offs. More than that, he loves me and gets happy when I'm excited about my creations.

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Scott and Jeanne Anderson said...

Good for you Helena! Have you thought about selling those dipers? I'd be a taker if you did! :)