Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Eli!

Eli's been growing up so much the last few weeks. First with the potty training, then he wanted to sleep in his new bunk bed (on top!), he's talking so much more, even his new hair cut makes him look older. Despite all this change, he's still obsessed with trains, and it ended up being perfect that it was trick-or-treat day at the zoo on his birthday.

After a donut breakfast we headed to the zoo, train conductor costume in hand. We rode the little train at the zoo first thing with our miniature conductor. He loved the animals and pushing Percy all over the place. It was the perfect start to an Eli day.

The poor boy did have a nap, just to keep away crankiness and let Brian go shopping. But when he woke up it was presents (including more trains), dinner of noodles and shrimp, and my attempt at a Thomas birthday cake. He loved it, except that the train and animals were getting messy with frosting. He ate the tracks.

We did our best to show him how much we love him. It was pretty rewarding to see him so happy and excited all day.


Robnz Fam said...

Happy Birthday Eli! Seth and I were just saying how we remember when your parents brought you over to trick-o-treat at our house when you were just a few days old...and you were wearing your cute lil' zebra outfit!! You are growing up so fast Eli, and soon you'll have a baby sister to play with. YAY!!!

Love to you all!!

Esther said...

That's so cute! I love his little conductor costume. What a perfect day for Eli!

Anna said...

I can't believe how short his hair is! wow.

Glad his birthday was filled with trains. He had to be a pretty happy boy.

SaRa MaRiE said...

Happy Late Birthday Eli!!! Thank you all so much for coming to bring me food/visit at the hospital. It really brightened my day. I made a blog so you can stay updated now :) Thanks again you guys are amazing and unselfish! -Sara Marie

Sparks II said...

Hey! I keep getting on here just hoping that there will be pictures of lil' Esme. I can't even stand the wait to see her you guys. I am SOOOOOOO so so very excited. Would it be ok if I bring her home with me? Just for a week ok? Start pumping Helena, I'm afraid that I'm fresh out.


Sparks II said...

Oh, sorry, Sparks II is me, Carrol.