Saturday, October 10, 2009

All By Myself

Coming from a mom, that is not a pitiful declaration. Brian has taken the boy fishing today and told me to do nothing productive. What does he think I am, a single college student on a reading day before finals?! That is no longer possible.

It was almost noon and I had spent all my time tidying, doing two loads of laundry and the dishes until I finally decided I could ignore my hungry belly and greasy hair any longer. So I've sat down for some caprese (heavy on the cheese) and dark chocolate and posting. Ah.. a quiet meal without nagging for each bite to go in a scrawny boy's mouth (although he will eat anything, for that I am grateful). Only a coke with lemon would make this perfect.

And now I must hurry and get outta here, the fishing didn't work out and they're on their way home. It's sad to say I almost got teary watching Eli out the window, climbing into the Jeep to leave me, but now I feel an urgency to leave before he sees me. Hope the outlets in Park City aren't too crazy and that my tiring body and achy hips don't mind my grandiose shopping plans.

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Anna said...

ooo shopping, did you find anything good? also your lunch looks delicious. yum.