Thursday, December 3, 2009

Super Dad

I should make him a cape with a big "D." He always argued the number of kids should be how many you can fit in a car (not minivan, not SUV, a car). It makes more sense to base it on the number of arms.

Maybe it should be super husband since he's always wanting to give me breaks and make sure I get naps. He finds it a treat to wake up and take Esme when crankiness can no longer be caused by hunger. Tonight he came home from work and made a fabulous dinner while watching two (awake) kids so I could shower (which I now consider a spa retreat). Then he did all the dishes. Right now the boys are going out for ice cream and once Eli's in bed it will be Esme's turn for endless oogling and kisses.

Gosh, I hope this doesn't make anyone jealous...he's mine.


Anna said...

You are lucky, Brian is very good to you and the kids.

Glad you got your spa retreat.

And I love Eli's sweater--cute!

And I love Esme, what a good snuggler.

Esther said...

Wow you lucky girl! I'm happy for you! Jimmy helps me a lot too, it sure is nice.

Way to go Brian in being such a great dad/husband!

Don Ashley Baby and Tigger said...

This is too cute, makes me smile so big! Brian is an awesome husband and father! I would say you lucky girl, but I got myself a pretty good fellow Lucky us!! :-P

...funny how the shower really does feel like heaven!