Tuesday, December 29, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

That's what the kids and I say now that it's winter. The frigid, "fun" snow is not enticing at all. It's like pulling teeth to get Eli in his snow suit and out there with Brian. It's only happened twice since the first snow.

Esme never likes getting out, always ends up screaming no matter how well-fed and rested I get her before heading out. A couple weeks ago I thought she was screaming from gas, but I've realized she hates being awake more than an hour, so sticking put so I can get her to bed exactly when she needs it works best.

Luckily we love our condo, which now boasts a large outdoor freezer. Eli has enough space and too many toys to keep him busy. And for some reason all my hobbies revolve around the home. I enjoy cooking, need to clean before I can relax. If boredom ever set in I have sewing projects in mind, bread recipes to try, and fudge recipes calling my name.

If cabin fever does set in in a couple months we'll probably go somewhere warm-relatively speaking- like Moab.

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Leilani said...

I'm a home body too. And we don't even have snow! Oooh, love your projects.