Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2 New Christmas Traditions

Both of which came to me yesterday. And I don't mean I thought of them. Brian's sweet mom gave us THE most beautiful carved olive wood nativity. It's so lovely I can't even find more words to describe it. So I'll continue.

And my visiting teachee (that does more for me than I do for her) brought some treats, including my new obsession: chocolate-dipped, crushed-candy-cane sprinkled oreos. I'm not a zealous oreo or candy cane fan, but the combination is magical.


Anna said...

I'm coveting your nativity set!

And we had some chocolate covered oreos this weekend, I LOVE. With peppermint too they'd be even more amazing.

Scott and Jeanne Anderson said...

Beautiful! and YUmmmMMM!

cirila said...

Both are wonderful. I tried the cookies and they worked out ok. But I am truly envious of you nativity.

Helena said...

I asked my teachee today and she said to use super high quality chocolate. It melts thinner, otherwise I would imagine the chocolate is too thick on the cookies.

Grandma Corrales said...

I'm so glad you like your nativity, Helena. It looks beautiful on your mantel. As for the oreo cookies....what a great, and easy idea!

Love you lots!