Thursday, January 14, 2010

During Eli's Nap Today

Still going on actually, obviously since I'm now able to post. Esme's totally obsessed with sitting up, so we spent our one-on-one time working on that with her brand new boppy, the pattern for which came from this book, which is my new obsession (yes, you can borrow it Anna, just as soon as I make about 20 more things).

Isn't she the cutest thing ever? Am I not the luckiest person ever? Yes and yes. And does the slobbering mean teething? I hope not. We were really sad when Eli's came in at 5 months. The first time I was scared of him growing up. Besides, she's not responsible enough for teeth, it's scary enough when she bites me with gums.

Poor Eli. We didn't have a super fabulous camera or a blog when you were tiny, so here you go:


Anna said...

Love it! Love it lots!

Grandma Corrales said...

Love the pics., love Esme's hairdo!'re making Grandpa and I very homesick for the babies! It's hard to believe little Esme' is learning to sit up already!

cirila said...

great pics. I'm impressed by the self portrait.

kim said...

Esme looks gorgeous, especially the first picture--I love her hair.


Helena said...

Just a few hold-the-camera-yourself shots. Surprised they worked so easily. I was lovin her hair too. And Eli's wearing Brian's outfit from the 80's.