Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Sunbeam

Today was Eli's first day in primary. We were worried since the last few weeks of nursery he'd started screaming, not wanting to go in. He even cried on the way to church the last time we drove, recognizing the intersections and telling me to turn the other way. Today was better, he was even excited and insistent on wearing his tie like dad instead of saying "stay home" at the mention of church.

Brian took him early so the tearing-Eli-off-him drama would happen before the other kids got there. Surpringly Eli didn't act out to his fullest capability since Brian promised him Gordon if he didn't have a fit (sorry, Ciril, we lost him the Gordon you gave him), which will happen the Sunday he goes peacefully to primary.

It went well once the screaming was over and he sat on his teacher's lap. I spied, of course, and even took pictures. Eli was especially enamored with his toys and snacks in sacrament since his grown-up class doesn't give him those anymore. Hopefully the promise of a train will work as well as it did for potty training.


Staci said...

They grow up so fast, don't they!? I still can't believe my little guy is a sunbeam either...but I'm one of his "lucky" teachers! I was his nursery teacher too - I wonder if they'll "promote" me when he moves up again next year? :) Good luck with getting him settled into's a hard transition for a lot of them!

Grandma Corrales said...

hmmm, he seems to have something in common with his Grandpa Corrales...Grandpa wants to 'turn the other way' when headed to the Churchhouse on Sundays too! Perhaps it's hereditary?? Eli sure looks all grown up with his tie on!