Sunday, January 3, 2010

2 Months

No longer a newborn. We're sad about it. She doesn't fall asleep unless we do things just right and she already insists we hold her upright. But we are happy that she's finally plumping up and smiles like crazy.

I'm also realizing that she is already quite a different baby than Eli was. The doctor said her only jobs are to eat, sleep, and poop. The other day I was thought about it and discovered that she is different from him in every way. Take sleeping, she, unlike Eli, must be swaddled tight like a mummy or she jolts herself awake every minute, literally. I'll spare you the details of the other two.

Actually, I'm not that sad. I look forward to seeing her grow and her personality emerge. If the opposite-of-Eli-trend continues she'll be hyper, carefree, and friendly.

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Grandma Corrales said...

I finally figured out why I enjoy your blogs so write with such love in your heart! I love the new pictures of Esme'. She is a doll. I also loved the picture of Eli all comfy on Dad's head. What blessings you have!
Love you lots 'n lots!