Monday, January 11, 2010

Esme's Happy Place

It would be the bathroom counter. At a few days old she was crying and crying and I laid her down to change her diaper and she stopped. She got all peacefull staring at bottles of baby lotion and I realized I could run around a do a couple of household things. It still works, when she's crying and I don't know what to do, I just lay her there and she quiets down. Being in my arms or her swing can't even do that a lot of the time. Quite a while ago she started looking up at me in the mirror, but I guess the real life camera is more exciting than the reflecting one, since she won't continue when its around. Poor Esme, her life isn't quite as exciting as Eli's, she doesn't get to do thrilling things Eli's done in just the last couple of days, like go to primary or the dentist for the first time or even dump 3 full packs of fish food in the tank. But I like her boringness.
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Esther said...

I love those pictures! The pictures of Eli are so cute too, wow, a Sunbeam!?!