Monday, October 11, 2010

Butter Diet Update

So, it's been a week and half since visiting the dietician. I'm relieved I don't have to weigh all her food anymore. It was stressing me out, but now I'm stressed thinking now I have a list of things to do to get more weight on her, but what if I can't do it. Somehow I have to double or triple her milk intake, add formula and microlipids to pumped milk, hold her down to take an antihistimine (no she has to allergies, but it has the side effect of increased hunger, which I've yet to notice) and get her to gain 15-30 ounces a month.

After eating her meals dripping with butter her clothes, high chair, table, her hair are smeared with grease. At first I looked forward to the clinical feeding evaluation the dietician recommended. Finally, people will understand how hard it is to feed this child. But I haven't scheduled it because I know she eats enough (as long as I have enough toys and games to coax each bite in), she just doesn't drink enough. The dietician noticed she's a very content baby. Who knew an easy-going baby could cause so much worry. Lets pray for a more demanding, needy girl.
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Anna said...

Eat Esme Eat!! or more accurately...DRINK Esme, DRINK!!

Anna said...

p.s. Helena, you are a good mommy, keep it up and she'll be fine. I know you're doing your very best.

Kim said...

Helena, I'm sorry it's been so hard to get Esme to eat and drink. That must be so frustrating and stressful. I remember my mom saying that Bri grew a ton the first year and then stopped (fell off the charts). Maybe Esme will start a huge growth spurt soon. Esme is healthy and happy, I'm sure everything will be OK.