Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chore Chart

I still haven't figured out if Eli is lucky or not. This is his hand-made present from mom for his birthday coming up Sunday. I thought of a chore chart many months ago in an attempt to teach the little guy about time (days of the week), work, money, tithing, independence, patience, etc. I looked around online and couldn't find anything good to copy- my preferred method of brainstorming. I wanted something visual, making it a little more fun, easier for a non-reader, and versatile. Dishes could be, setting the table or helping put dishes away. Clothes couuld be folding, sorting, or putting away. Anyway, I hit a snag and the pieces have been laying on my desk for months. Today I finally finished it.

The magnetic strip my sister gave me years ago has come in handy again. So hot glue holds the felt figures together and the magnets on, which hold them to the magnetic strip. The chores to be done will be on a small bottom strip and each day, he does a chore and moves its felt representation up under the day of the week.  Don't worry, he's not working too hard.  Sunday is church/rest and Saturday is Pay Day.

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cirila said...

give her felt and she will make it for you

Melanie said...

Adorable! I just might have to brainstorm in a similar way!

Anna said...

U are a genius. Let's be friends :)

Kristyn said...

love it!

oh, and i'm stealng your memory game idea for a xmas gift. thanks!

Robnz Fam said...

He is INCREDIBLY lucky!! What an awesome idea. I love your ideas.