Tuesday, November 16, 2010

HeartFELT Christmas

Doubling my felt stash recently has got me downright giddy. The possibilities are endless. I'm trying to make most of my Christmas gifts and there are so many things to do with felt, I can't even pick which ornaments or colors for a garland.

Christmas preparation is in full swing around here, and I haven't even considered the Thanksgiving menu. I can't blame it on the music in the stores because it started before that.  The longer I'm a mom, the more I realize I must plan ahead. Start packing up an hour before I actually want to leave, brainstorm holiday projects months in advance. Or maybe it's just the cold weather. Whatever the cause, I've started, and the cute, easy things that can be done with felt are only fueling my early crafting. It doesn't take sewing skills or even a machine. Some needle, thread, inexpensive felt and I can work while Brian watches a movie. It still counts as husband time even if I'm sewing, right?

Well, here are my plans so far.

 For the visiting teachees (all 5 of them!) I'm thinking of making a poinsettia clip like this one that can decorate their hair, a shirt, or a gift.

Brian and I are both wishing he had an i-pad/book/phone/pod, me so I could whip up a cover for it. Better buy one so I can make a cool cover.  Nah. I'll just make a picture frame like this.

The kids will be the most work. Since Esme's favorite task at church is to empty all purses within her reach, I thought I'd sew her a little bag filled with purse-y things- keys, make-up mirror (obviously not in my bag, but), phone, and wallet complete with credit cards. I'm up for more ideas if anyone has any.  I guess the wallet will be the only felt thing inside since kids prefer real things, like an actual cell phones to a toy phone.
I love how the other moms are happy to let her dig through their bags and the ladies without kids guard their purses like she's going to steal/break everything inside. Hopefully her "first purse" will set them at ease.

Eli's list is long.  Well, it wasn't too long until he decided his toys wanted toys for Christmas. He was only going to require a toy owl (which I will copy this beautiful idea since he's obsessed with the bird, nest, egg idea), but then he came in with his stuffed mouse, then cat, then dog and asked each one what they want for Christmas. Luckily he translated for them and told me they each want a baby.  To add to the owl and mouse/dog/cat babies I'm including something I want him to have.

A mini baking set. I bought a several miniature baking supplies- bundt pan, tart pan, and 6 super-tiny ones for cupcakes and even a little wooden kitchenaid mixer. My first project, which I'm in the middle of is to make a little tart, cake, cookies and cupcakes for him to bake. So far the felt pear tart and sugar cookies are done.

Now for a lemon bundt cake.  Better get working. Precious double nap time is burning.  

Oh, and if anyone else wants to start a felt addiction, here's a good place to look:  Felt-o-rama.


Kristyn said...

Wow, you might have converted me to felt!

Love the mini kitchen set idea!! And all of it is equally fun. Way to go Helena.

Kristyn said...

Helena, I've often felt that Eli and Thacks are complete opposites too. :) But who knows, maybe they'll be best friends one day since opposites attract sometimes.

For the cake, what I did was print up a black and white picture of Thomaas to scale with the cake online. (Luckily his image can work when transferred since he's a mirror image.) I put a toothpick in yellow frosting and made little lines along the lines on the paper, then pressed that gently against the frosted cake to transfer the yellow frosting. Then I just piped right over with thicker lines. Very easy.

Funny thing is, you can buy specialty tracing paper and things to print these onto, and a special product just for what I used the yellow frosting for. But who wants to pay extra for something I could make at home?