Friday, November 12, 2010


My stubborn, independent Esme has gotten more so. I didn't think it was possible.

 I gave up spoon-feeding her a couple of weeks ago because it was so draining for me. Instead I have to deal with grease smeared all over her and everything in her reach after every self-fed meal of buttered bread, noodles, veggies, or tofu. I realized I must be learning patience, because I was never able to do this with Eli. I can even give Esme a bowl of cream of wheat and a spoon. I try not to watch, but I'm learning to give in to messiness.

But, about spoon-feeding, I tried again just before her 1 year Dr. appointment (and the all-important weigh in) and it was even harder. Impossible. Toys, no toys, letting her feed me while I feed her, following her around the house with a spoon. Nothing worked. She insists on using her own fork, and often prefers to steal my grown-up fork.

There is one exception.  Ice cream. I sit on the floor with a bowl and she crawls up for bites. She also loves ice cubes. At restaurants when she's done eating (and I've just started) and wants to get down and crawl all over the dirty floor I can buy some time by fishing ice cubes out of my cup for her. I've been contemplating freezing milk cubes.

Yesterday, after several hours of freedom and browsing (I will never take browsing for granted again) at Michaels and Tuesday Morning, I came home to my amazing husband who'd done the dishes, made dinner, and had the genius idea to feed Esme half-thawed pear sauce. She thought it was ice cream and let her dad spoon feed her like a normal baby!  What is this infatuation with frigid food?

In related news. The girl, at one year and one week is 28 1/4 inches (21%) tall, 101/2 inch head (0%) and weighed exactly 15 pounds, still 0%, but enough improvement to keep the doctor from worrying more. Woohoo, 14 ounces in 7 weeks!  Although now we have an appointment with a pediatric gastro-intest....inologist or something.


Anna said...

Frozen milk cubes, you are a genius! I have a little ice cube tray that make tiny little pellets instead of big cubes. Let me know if you want to borrow it to freeze something for miss Esme.

Maybe you can feed her all her baby food frozen slightly thawed...frozen bananas? frozen carrot mash? maybe she just likes frozen everything.

See you tomorrow at 1!

Sarah Flib said...

So glad she's gaining weight! Maybe just strip her down for all of her meals so you don't have to worry about keeping her clothes clean--although that bib looks like it covers everything under the sun.