Thursday, November 4, 2010

Meet Sophie

Brian really wanted to name Esme Sophie. I just couldn't give in when it was on the top 10 list. The name of Esme's first doll counts for something, right?  We'll see what he says.

I've been excited about making it since I saw this tutorial months ago, I don't have serious style and sewing skills like that lady, but I tried.  I didn't even have to buy anything to make her, the gold dress came from a DI bed skirt whose center became those reusable produce bags months ago. I bet when she's a teenager she will be so annoyed with me wanting to make everything.

But on her first birthday she greeted her with several slobbery kisses and trying to pick her eyes off.  A good sign, since that's what she does (or tries to do) when she excitedly meets other babies.


Esther said...

Cute :) I love how you posed Sophie in the first pic!

Anna said...

Nice work! That dress looks like she's headed out for a night on the town...and not, perhaps, on a weekend trip to Idaho :)

Allyson said...

Quick question :) Did you make yours smaller than the pattern? I just finished mine for Kate and it looks huge compared to yours. I love yours...mine is kind of tall and skinny, but in a weird way :)