Saturday, November 20, 2010

My First Super-Saturday

So, my new calling at church is on the enrichment committee, planning activities and crafts for us ladies to do once a month or so. They asked me to come up with something inexpensive for the "Super-Saturday" (craft extravaganza) and I decided on this Matchbox Advent Calendar by Martha. I made one a couple years ago for Anna and never got around to making one for my own family. I found a talk on and wrote up little devotionals for each day.

Amy amazed us all when she came up with this design. I could barely copy the simply lines of the Christmas tree.

So for $2.50 they went home with a meanful new family tradition and about 800 matches.

It'll be fun watching Eli's eyes bug out as he opens one drawer each day to find a new treat. 

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Anna said...

Thanks again for making us one! Glad your super saturday went well.