Sunday, January 2, 2011

Esme's Quiet Book

I'm a week late, but happy with the result.  Little bit fun, little bit educational.

Decorate snowman, easter egg, and pumpkin with cutouts from pocket.
Looks like I need a carrot nose and coal eyes.  Expanded idea from here.

Cat and dog share a house, but not food. Thank you craft store for the cat/dog

Mini fishing game, super-strong magnets make it a little too easy.

Eyelets help the hands move and hopefully make it harder for them to get ripped off.

My favorite page.  Mama sits in a chair, 

reads baby a story, and puts her to bed.  Mama/baby copied from here.

Button flowers (I've still never sewn a button hole on the sewing machine).

Match shapes and snap on/off. 


Blackham Fam said...

Oh man! Helena, it is so cute with all the little cut outs on and everything finished. I'm so impressed.

Anna said...

What a lucky girl, so much work by mommy!

I love the pennant banner on the cover, so cute! (and the mom and baby!) Nice work.

Kim said...

Helena, you did such an amazing job! I love the book. It must have taken you a long time to make.

Grandma Corrales said...

amazing! Great job Helena....