Sunday, January 16, 2011

Walking Is Not The Problem

For some reason people say you're in for trouble when your child starts walking.  Totally untrue.  When they start moving-rolling, crawling- that's when the trouble starts.  Walking does not cause any problems, if anything it's extra cute seeing such a little person teetering around. Esme took her first steps the day after Christmas but only walks with assistance, like this grocery cart.

The real danger arises from a newfound desire to climb.  She gets all kinds of places, especially when there's a step stool or big brother there to help. 

This was her idea, and that is the clothes dryer.

She loves electronics.  Access to the laptop got her to take her first steps.  Now she has mastered climbing up the chair to beat up on the mouse and keyboard.  She didn't climb up on the desk this time.

For now I can just keep chairs pushed in and the step stool put away, but soon she'll realize she can get them out to make more mischief. 


Kristyn said...

Her red coat is the cutest thing I've ever seen!

I think Esme and Bennett could really get along well. I had big hopes of him being my "calm" child. I'm not sure what has happened in the last few months. If we don't pull the chairs away from the desk and kitchen table and bar then we will undoubtedly find him climbing up. Then he throws things. Beats things. It's a nightmare. We've discovered we can't just put the chairs under the table b/c he pulls them out! And if they're backwards then he still figures out how to climb up! One if we line up the chairs against the wall do we get assurance he can't get up.

Anyway, sorry for the tirade. But we've almost lost our printer to his climbing too many times to count.

And does your kid just laugh at you when you tell her to get down and "NO!"?

It's going to get better, I keep telling myself.

Helena said...

sounds like we've got it easy!! esme has gotten more demanding and clingy the past few months, but she's surprisingly obedient, like Eli. when she's about to do something I just call out and she stops. Haven't really started saying "no" yet. You must be a patient person to have gotten two wild boys. And we can suppose the opposite about me.

Grandma Corrales said...

Glad to see the coat fits well! It's beautiful on her...wish we could have been there for her first steps and to watch all her discoveries! Thanks for letting see glimpses into your lives...we miss you all!

Don Ashley Carter and Tigger said...

LOVE the picture of Eli and Esme in the dryer! Too cute...and the red coat is fab! I can't wait to dress up my day! :-D