Sunday, January 9, 2011

Perfect Pet

My visiting teachee recently got a puppy and needs someone to check in on her while she's at work.  Eli loves our midday visits to Roxie.  It must be enough for him because he doesn't ask for a dog.

We used to have a pet.  Remember Charlie?  I am sad to admit that I was relieved when the cat disappeared  just before Esme was born.  Eli was always beating up on the poor cat, I avoided petting him so his hair wouldn't get all over, and he was constantly making trouble.  I hope he just went to a nicer family and that nothing bad happened to him.

I've learned that we are not pet people.  I do not get woken up or clean up poop for an animal, only for humans, preferably babies.

So for 20 minutes a day Eli gets to pretend he has a dog.  All I do is unlock the door, he runs in and  lets her out to go potty, refills her food, and plays with her.  So responsible.  He loves her so much, talking in a sweet voice, saying things like "Bye Roxie-poo, see you tomorrow."  Pure fun.  No house-training or wimpers keeping us up all night. Definitely the perfect pet.

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Leilani said...

Hah, cute. We aren't pet people either, but poor Will was always saying that Santa was going to bring a puppy. Visiting a puppy would be a good solution.