Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tracy Aviary

Winter is boring.  I figured this out the other day when I realized our only weekday excitement comes from going to visit Roxy. Most days its the only time we leave home.  And then my sister made me jealous.  We talked on the phone the other morning when it had snowed for hours and hours.  On the other end of the line she was at the playground with her two-year old in 70 degree weather.  I don't need 70, even 40 feels warm.  So I picked today to use up an about-to-expire groupon for the Tracy Aviary since temperatures are above freezing and the pollution advisory doesn't start unti tomorrow.

It wasn't crowded, so that was good.  And Esme loves to wear her mittens, and that helps. And most of the birds were out, which was surprising.  I really felt sorry for the flamingos.  Tropical birds surrounded by snow.  The peacocks were fun to watch, wandering around the grounds.  Esme got just as excited as she does seeing other animals.

although you can't tell here

The only one with enough sass to show his feathers was a teenager.  Not so impressive,
but he wasn't self conscious.

The best part was feeding some parrots.  I thought Eli would chicken out for sure, but he didn't.  

In fact, he took his job quite seriously.


Anna said...

Look at him with that parrot on his arm!!! Fun activity...but looks cold...brr...

Manda said...

Awww...I miss you guys!!! The kids look so grown up! That pic of Eli and the bird is amazing!!! I wouldn't have guessed he'd do that in a million years!

cirila said...

He does look serious! Glad yo got out, cold winters can be tough.