Monday, March 1, 2010

5 Ingredients

Bri and I found this ice cream, Five, by Haagen Dazs that only has 5 ingred-ients. It is di-vine.

We also had some other ice cream in the fridge, so I looked at the ingredients. There were at least 50! No joke.

The day before Amanda moved out I decided to finally use her ice cream machine that Brian insisted she bring home instead of putting in storage and made some peanut butter chocolate chip ice cream.

I was hooked, and I suddenly knew what to do with a gift card I had lying around waiting for something special to come to mind. Our first batch is now setting up in the freezer. If I didn't add the pecans candied in a little butter and brown sugar, it would just have been milk, cream, and 2 tablespoons of maples syrup.

I have already learned a couple of obvious things. (1) Stir in chunks at the end, (2)it is better right out of the machine than frozen like all the recipes say (since it's not 50% air like the store bought stuff, it gets quite hard) and (3) rather than avoiding recipes that call for only one part of the egg, the yolks can go in the ice cream and whites in the angel food or chiffon cake.

I wonder if we'll stop buying ice cream. Sounds intense, but it's as easy to make as our morning oatmeal. Now you know what we'll be having for dessert after dinner when you come.


Anna said...

I knew I needed to come visit you :)

Yes, homemade ice cream is THE best. Though it won't really help with my whole keep-the-pregnancy-gain-under-twent-hopefully-and-definitely-under-twentyr-five-plan...but I do LOVE ice cream

Kim said...

Looks yummy! I love homemade ice cream.

I like the color you're painting the bedrooms. It's similar to the color I painted my's just a couple shades lighter. Can't wait to see how the bedrooms look all decorated. Have fun.