Monday, March 8, 2010

The Beginning Of The End

On Friday, at Esme's 4 month check up (she's now 11 pounds, 24 inches) the doctor asked if she was rolling over yet. I had forgotten about that developmental stuff. I said No and the doctor started to assure me that all kids develop at different rates, blah blah, as if I was worried. (I'm grateful every day that my kids are healthy, but I don't stress if, say, Eli isn't saying as many words as he "should.") I wasn't sure if Esme had even considered rolling over to be a goal, so I showed her a few times when we got home.

After her bath Sunday morning I put her on her tummy so I could get that darn neck crease really dry without her pulling her chin down and fighting me. I thought it was quite a good idea, but she must've thought it was an opportunity to show off what she had learned. I had to move quick to catch her. Poor Bri missed it, but brought the camera so we could record her second roll and catch her that time.

Then I got to thinking. This is it. No more tiny, blobby baby. Life gets crazier from here on out. She'll only be getting into more and more trouble, but also become more and more fun.

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