Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Having Me For An Aunt

This weekend Brian and Eli are going to visit his sister in Oregon while Esme and I go see my sister in California-. It will be my niece's birthday and I set out today with both kids to go buy a present like any normal person. But our parking space was empty. Bri took the car. I guess it was meant to be since I promised myself I would do my best to make presents for now on. So we went back up stairs and I looked online for ideas.

What did this practical lady decide on? A reusable sandwich wrap and snack bag made from leftover waterproof diaper fabric (PUL). Useful and earth friendly. My poor nephew never got a present for his birthday back in October, during my extreme nesting before Esme which involved spring-like cleaning, redecorating, and sewing, so I made an extra one. I don't remember what it was like to be 8 and almost 6, but I hope they like them.


cirila said...

I'm impressed with your skills. Greg too. He thinks he married the wrong sister.

Helena said...

I took pictures of the better one, of course! Poor Mia, I learned on hers first. And that was after starting one before hers.