Thursday, March 25, 2010

Goals Of A Stay At Home Mom

Soon after I had Eli, a friend visited because she heard moms are bored and lonely. Lonely? ehh... sometimes. Bored?... never.

In the past I remember being completely unproductive one day and intensely busy another, like making a 5 course dinner or sewing for 10 hours. Things have evened out, maybe since we got rid of cable, apparently watching cooking and design shows isn't the same as actually cooking and crafting. Lately I have a mental check list to keep days balanced and fruitful. Wow, I just counted them- 7! I could make a connection to a certain Mormon author, but won't. Okay, here I go. And posting more often isn't one of them, don't worry.

Wear something presentable. For sure by the time Bri comes home. It's messy business taking care of a family, so I usually stay in sweats all day unless we head out, which I only have energy to do once or twice a week with two kids. Since I'm not into make-up and time-consuming hair, I could at least not look like a lazy bum when my husband gets home.

Clean something. Beyond the dishes and general tidying. Like laundry, the floors, or a bathroom if I'm feeling extra-motivated.

Cook something. I know, I know. I love to cook, so this shouldn't be hard. But I do have TWO kids now and we are often tempted to eat out, but a new budget should keep us in check. I must plan ahead, prep early, and work quietly during nap time.

Make something. If I work on projects a little each day, I'm less tempted to ignoreeverything/one and go craft crazy to get a project done. I've learned to work 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there and still get things done without leaving Esme to cry and Eli to be stuck to the TV.
Teach something. My main job, right? Sometimes I just sing the ABC's with Eli or go over his lesson from church, other times are more hands on with learning how plants grow or how to peel a carrot. Although, I realize he's always learning, like how to act when he's frustrated. It's usually an aggravated sigh, much like my own. Or chewing out Bri under his breath when he finds something out of place... now he's teaching me something, about myself.

Do something fun. Sometimes I feel like a nag, "finish your food, pick up your toys, be quiet..." Nothing makes Eli happier than someone pushing trains with him or playing hide and go seek. Today it was Esme chasing (via me) the squealing boy around the house.

Learn something. This one is new today. I'm pretty much the opposite of a book worm, but I like browsing craft, cooking, and now photography blogs. I've been meaning to read a book by this guy, so I'd better start.

They seem like simple things, but I think they each stand for something bigger.


Kristyn said...

Is that your play room I see behind the sewing machine???

Great goals. I need to work on the cleaning one especially. It's getting bad. And my excuse is growing up and no longer an infant. Darn.

And enjoy Mr. Pollan. He's an easy read.

Manda said...

I like those goals/ideas, Helena...words to live by even if you are a single girl with no kids...
I think you're great