Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Funny Girl, Getting Big

Esme has found her teething necklace. People think I put it on her for style purposes, but it's just a Swiss tradition to have babies wear an amber necklace for teething. Don't worry Frank, the chord is really strong and there are knots between each bead.

She's getting so active. I call her things like rolley polley and wiggle worm. One night she wiggled herself right into a mer-baby. She uses rolling to get around and to make diaper changing a challenge. Those lotion bottles by her changing pad that she's stared at since birth, she can now get to them.

She loves eating! Anything. I could give her a bite of banana, then hummus, then cheese, then tomato, and she doesn't even make a face.

She's getting really good at sitting up too, luckily, the way Eli plays with her. He loves to hold her and wants to carry her around. It's so cute how crazy they are about eachother. When she wakes up every morning they're so happy to see eachother. The smile and talk and touch eachother. Actually, I've heard several times about siblings wanting the new baby to go back to the hospital, so the other day I asked Eli if we should give Esme to someone else. He was very adamant. "No! My E-may!"


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Jeanne Anderson said...

Love that little beaded cute. I'm starting to see more of you in her Helena! And is that a dolly stroller she's in? :)

Helena said...

good eye, yes it's a doll stroller.