Thursday, May 27, 2010

Guess Where We Went Today...

Here are some clues, in particular order:

The hat.

This helps if you're a local.

If you have had kids in the last decade or two it is now obvious.

Everyone knows Thomas, no matter the age or location on the map. Eli's been asking every day about Thomas since I told him 3 weeks ago that he was coming to "our mountains." After his nap today I told him it was time and he ran around the house collecting receipts ("tickets") to get on the train. Despite his two year obsession, the boy was still timid with being near a life-size Thomas, screamed when we offered a Thomas tattoo after we parents got one and was even more freaked out by Mr. Topham Hat.

He enjoyed himself on the train and the tent full of train tables. He even met a real life conductor, the kind he was dressed like and the one that stamps your ticket. Esme was one of the many patient little sisters. I felt like a typecast. Half the families on our car were two twenty-something parents with a little boy toting Thomas paraphernalia, a baby sibling hanging in a Bjorn, and canon rebel around the neck.


Esther said...

It was fun seeing you there! I'm happy Eli enjoyed it. That's cute he was timid about being so close to Thomas.

Grandma Corrales said...

This had to be Eli's dream come true!!! Grandpa and I love the pictures of your latest adventure..we can't wait to see you all and to give Eli a ride in Grandpa's new truck!