Wednesday, May 12, 2010

If It Breaks It Doesn't Hurt

Tonight Brian held a board breaking tournament for his students and everyone loved it. There was a lot of clapping, breath holding, and "ohhhhh..." when people didn't make it through, which was often. My favorite part was watching Bri of course, although, my main motive in being there was to take pictures and go out to Korean food after. Here are his impressive breaks:

Reverse Roundhouse Kick

His favorite kick, kind of over the shoulder. Took a couple tries. Which was good for the kids, especially the timid ones that find breaking hard, to know that it doesn't always work, even for the teacher.

Palm Heel Strike

a.k.a. the "one inch punch" because he starts with his fingers touching the board and somehow gets his palm through.

Very impressive. Everyone's favorite.

4 Board Power Break

Unlike the last one, requires lots of distance to get through 4 boards.

He's still gloating... uh... I mean grinning about this one. His first time breaking this many.

Then we all went and took over a little Korean restaurant. There were so many people having fun, eating and talking. As Bri visited all the tables, holding Esme, I realized he hasn't just spent the last 3 1/2 years teaching martial arts. It's like a family. Learning a new culture, watching the kids and a few adult students learn discipline, respect, and self-confidence, besides the technique and testing material. I'm really proud of him. He's a really good teacher that cares about his students as well as preserving the art and has a good time doing it.


Robnz Fam said...

That would have been SO FUN to come see!! When is the next one?? Before we leave??

We are going home this weekend, then Seth is off to D.C. through the 19th. Can we plan to get together sometime after that? I think our weekends are packed with packing, but Brian gets home early on Tues (or Thursdays) right? When does that park open up by Hogle Zoo? That would be fun to go to! OK, sorry, I should have just emailed you about all this.

Don Ashley Carter and Tigger said...

Very impressive, good job Brian!

Grandma Corrales said...

Way to go, Bri! It looks like your form is awesome as ever! And yes, Helena, we found the same thing to be true about Soo Bahk. Membership is more like a family than just teaching martial arts. I'm glad the traditions live on in Salt Lake City! By the way, we miss those events...maybe we could get a glimpse when we see you next time????

Robnz Fam said...

That website is awesome! I'm going to be visiting that a lot.

Anna said...

So glad you posted about it. Very cool.