Monday, May 3, 2010

6 Months

This girl is smaller than she thinks. From birth she has hated reclining in her car seat, insisting on sitting up. I didn't quite get it at first, but people always commented on how aware she is. Aparently little ones just kind of stare around, but she learned early to focus on people and what's going on. This past month she started demanding to eat meals with us and drinking from our cups, as I've mentioned before. She won't even take a bottle, prefering a sippie or cup. I'm usually the one lucky enough to share a cup with her, although I make it hers once it gets too cloudy and chunky. And standing! Sitting isn't good enough. I didn't realize this was strange until a couple of people held her this week and mentioned how stiff she is. Now that I think about it, she stands on my lap most of the time.

Noticing how opinionated she is, it was easy today trying to think of things she would like. A fancy new sippie cup, so she doesn't have to drink from her brother's chewed-up ones, her first hair clips (so simple and tiny, thanks for the idea Sarah), and I'm still working on finding a bumbo seat so she can sit up straight on her own. She loved the pumpkin pancakes for dinner topped with Manders' homemade apple butter. Have I mentioned that this girl's a good eater? Okay, yes. It's still so amazing to me. She eats and eats, waiting for the next bite with an open mouth and tongue sticking out. Eli would take a couple bites so he wasn't starving anymore and then we'd have to distract him with a toy while we stealthily landed bites in his mouth, which he barely opened wide enough for the spoon to slip in and for only a fraction of a second. Esme can hardly wait for the next bite.

We can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

Oh, and at her 6 month appointment May 7th, she was:

11 lb. 1 oz. (4th percentile)

26 1/2 inches (77th percentile)

16 inch head circumference (7th percentile, wow! Nice and small, Eli's was always big)


Grandma Corrales said...

it's so hae'rd to believe that Esme is 6 months already! She continues to be quite the beauty queen. As for her eating habits (lovin' it) Grandma Taylor would tell you she must get it from the Wilson side of the family...but then again, look at her dad and Grandpa Corrales too! We love the pictures and can't wait to see her in person and become re-acquainted.

Esther said...

Watch out, she sounds a lot like Zeke ;) I can't believe she's already 6 months! She is adorable!

cirila said...

I love all the hair. She's even using a clippy!

Manda said...

look at that fuzzy head!!! I miss my therapy sessions!