Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Have I mentioned that Eli HATES haircuts? Like he hates getting his toe nails clipped, so he keeps socks on at all times and when its time Bri has to sit on him. Or going to the doctor, he screamed and screamed about something as simple as standing on the scale, so I got on and then held him and then we had to do some serious subtraction.

Yesterday was the day. Usually we do fun stuff on Tuesdays because we're happy to have Brian home early. We took him to a fun kid haircut place (although Eli would disagree), told him just before we went so he would know but not stress all day, and promised suckers and an ice cream sundae after. Bri even got a hair cut first so he could show him that it doesn't hurt. It ended up turning into a $40 buzz cut.

Bri decided to go with buzzers for the first time so it would be faster and shorter despite the traumatizing vibrations. The nice new girl tried getting Eli happy to watch cartoons and blew bubbles while the more experienced girl just went for it as quickly as possible. Bri held him down on his lap while the new girl held his head still. 3 people to give a 3 year old a hair cut. How many will it take when he's 4?

Things sure have changed. A few haircuts ago I decided I was done. I didn't care how shaggy he got, I wasn't taking him anymore. It was emotionally and physically draining. He's so strong and I felt like I was torturing him for no big reason. This time... it's going to sound terrible... I laughed. It was quite a show. Luckily we were the only ones there.

He screamed mommy the whole time while writhing and trying to kick anyone. When it was over I took the boy in the back to change all of his clothes and sing him songs. He always asks for "Twinkle" when he's sad. After a couple minutes he was happy again, sucker in his mouth, balloon in his hand, and climbing on the little indoor playground.

And now...his hair is shorter than its ever been, since birth. He likes his haircut, it's "bumpy" (well, "boopy" in Eli talk) like dad's. He says its my turn to get a boopy haircut. I'm just happy we can see all of that outrageously cute little face now.


Kristyn said...

My SIL calls it an exhorcism when her son has to endure the scissors and clippers. I'm guessing you've tried all these things, but I'm going to impart my words of wisdom to you anyway: we let him watch a movie while sucking on a sucker (although you mentioned the sucker already) it gets totally hairy, but I figure there are worst things to put in a kid's mouth (and we try to keep it clean by rinsing it under water lots). And we clip T's toenails while he's sleeping. Yeah, you've probably done all those, but had to share.

Also, I oved how you said it just wasn't worth it anymore for the struggle. I've adopted a whole new parenting philosophy recently about really picking my battles. It has made all the difference in the world. Sorry for the long comment, but our kids are totally similar with the hair cutting/toenail clipping issues!

Helena said...

Thanks Kristyn. Tips are always good. Ya, curious george was on the tv, last time the sucker got too hairy, although he did hold a favorite stuffed mouse for comfort. And he's a pretty light sleeper, although we should try.

Jeanne Anderson said...

You know how they have sedation dentistry---maybe someone ought to look into a sedation salon! I know I'd take my 3 year old! ha ha!

Grandma Corrales said...

Oh my goodness, our little Eli looks so grown up with that haircut! And I suppose trauma and drama go with cutting hair on a toddler....Brian never appreciated them either. I cut his hair myself in those days out of desperation...easier on the nerves, but harder to keep him sitting still, even with a movie on the TV.

Kim said...

Aw, love his haircut! Eli looks so grown up.