Monday, January 12, 2009

Meet Charlie

Last week we got a cat for Eli. Brian was the most hesitant, but finally gave in before the holidays because he sees how happy they make the boy. For some reason he loves them. The smallest puppy makes him cry, but cats make him grin and giggle.

I had been watching the classifieds for weeks for the perfect one. He is a year old (not a scratchy,playful kitten, but not near death either), was in our same town, and came with all the supplies necessary. I'm especially grateful for his long long fur that keeps me from worrying about him when I stick him outside for the night. I was also happy that he lived with a 2 year old, with whom he was pretty patient and didn't avoid either. I figured things would be perfect, until the ride home where the cat meowed and Eli screamed constantly.

Things are good now. Eli likes taking care of the cat. He must have inherited my worries, because he follows the cat around with his food bowl, stressed that he's not eating enough. He also likes to scold him for jumping on the fish tank.

Brian seems to like the cat more than anyone. In the evening he requires it to sit on his lap and he was the most worried when it disappeared for 12 hours on Saturday.


Anna said...

oh no, now I must take allergy pills before coming to your house! oh well.

sorry we haven't talked in so long. my cell is at one house and charger at another. hopefully I can get it together soon

Esther said...

Wow! Neat, I'm happy you guys found just the right one :)

Happy birthday on Friday too, I thought about you! Hope it was a great day!

kim said...

What a pretty cat. I bet Eli is one happy boy. That's sweet that Bri likes the cat so much...I never thought he was a cat person.

Grandma Corrales said...

lol...very cute article, Helena...I love the picture of Eli trying to feed Charlie. Like Kim, I never thought Bri would become a cat person, but then again, it's funny what we do for our children! I meant to tell you that I love the picture of the day too...the one of Eli praying is absolutely precious. He looks like a little boy (as opposed to a baby) in his new outfit in today's picture...thank you so much for keeping us all in the loop of your daily lives. It means a lot to those of us who cannot be with you more often.

Don Ashley and Tigger said...

Happy Day! You got a cat! Charlie looks like a beast! hehe I love the picture of Eli and the food bowl, too cute! You need to post a pic with Brian and the cat - I have to see to believe him liking a cat! Hope is all works out well! You guys got the kid first, and I the you have a cat and I am working on the kid. :D

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your kitty. I take it that it is a male. Your cat looks similar to the one I grew up with which we just called Kitty. Remind me to tell you my Kitty stories.
Have fun with your new acquisition!

Cristina said...

Ahhh! A cat! I looove looove loove cats! I have one and I love him to death. My son does too, but he seems to think he can play with him like hes a dog. The cat is not amused by it, but is very well mannered. My cat loves to sit on my lap too, he meows at my door at night and has even learned how to open my bedroom door. Crazy right?