Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Last night Anna and I finished adding snaps to the last 30 diapers. Over the past two months we have made 66 cloth diapers. Anna worked the machine while I did all the cutting, pinning, and lots of snapping. Here is why it took 2 months:

First I had to trace and cut out 132 pieces, half in the white liner and half in the waterproof colorful shell. 66 rectangles and support pieces were needed as support behind the snaps and above the hole where the inserts go in and out. That took me 3 days.
Next came pinning the two diaper-shaped pieces for Anna to together and then she added elastic around the legs and some along the back. We trimmed and turned them inside out and I pinned around the elastic to make sure the white part stays curved inside while she top stitched.
I marked each diaper for 20 perfectly aligned snaps and then snapped them with this archaic-looking machine. A few weeks ago Eli happened to run off with a crucial piece of the snap press, causing an embarrassing situation. We had to call the friend who had to call the friend who owned it and didn't know it had been lent out to a third party to find out what size and piece we needed to replace. Lets just say we had to give the machine back sooner, thus our marathon Saturday and Monday.

It has all been worth it. Cloth diapers for 1/3-1/2 the price of new. I had planned on making some for my sister, since she's due in February, but I think I'll send her the small sizes to use before me. I stopped keeping track of man hours a long time ago, Anna figures it's probably good. And my new little $100 sewing machine had already done more than it ever thought possible.
We went out for some well-deserved pastries as soon as we finished. And don't worry, since this is my biggest project to date, there will be photos of our little gems to come after they've been washed and dried a couple of times to seal holes in the water-proof layer and are ready for my little model to wear.


Cristina said...

Wow, real diapers scare me lol.

cirila said...

Look at all that hard work. I'd be tempted to wear them myself.

Don Ashley and Tigger said...

Oh Wow! Congrats on such a task, they look great. I am really tempted to make some when I have a kid - better than buying Huggies every week :)