Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Frist Sewing Project

For the first time I made something start to finish on my own, with my mom's reassuring presence, of course. Like all kids, Eli loves soft things, so I wanted to make him one of these pricey, luxurious blankies. At the fabric store he was already laying and slobbering on the satin, still on the bolt. I'm so excited for him to open it on Christmas.

I ran into a snag or two, despite the simple straight lines. Someday I will look at it and be bothered with the imperfections, but for now, I'm proud. I love making things. Probably because it makes me feel independent, and we can have nice things for -in this case- less than 20% of retail.


Brian Corrales said...

I'm proud of you Helena. It's a beautiful blanket.

kim said...

Wow, the blanket looks amazing! It looks better than the ones you buy at the store! You are so crafty and talented, Helena. I like the stockings, too.

Don Ashley and Tigger said...

Congrats! Very very cute!