Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm Wearing A Short-Sleeve Shirt

We didn't mind saying good-bye to the snow. With lots of sugar and movie watching, as well as a little bit of crying, we survived the 10 hour drive to Santa Barbara. Ironically, we only slept in Las Vegas and had our fun at the Buffalo Bill a casino in the tiny border town of Primm.
I'm so happy to be sitting in my grandma's living room right now. I find my taste has been shaped by this favorite place of mine. I love the Spanish style architecture, seeing the fruits of my grandma's green thumb in her beautuiful garden, and the character of an old house.
So far Brian's favorite thing has been his sleep overs with Eli, who refused to sleep in his porta-crib for the first time. Next in line is the fact that Master Jang is here and he always gives Brian a good work out.
Hope everyone else is having as much fun.

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Cristina said...

So my mom was right. You are in California. She is phsychic I tell you. lol
Thanks for the pictures you sent! I got your letter at my moms house, and since your envelope was black, she couldn't see the post mark and thought you had dropped it in the box. So she thought you were out here. I told her that all your family is in SB so I didn't think you would be in Tracy, besides if you were and didn't tell me, my little heart would be broken.
Glad to see you had a good time for Christmas and visiting your family through the new year. Have you made a new years resolution yet?