Friday, December 5, 2008

Hoa Hoa Hoa

For the first time we went to a gathering put on by our community's HOA comity. Last night was the Christmas party, complete with ham and a hired Santa whose real belly bounced as he "ho ho hoed". Might as well go, since we're paying for it. That was my attitude, anyway. Brian has more of the holiday spirit, insisting on decorating, crafting, and such. As it turns out, there was a little something for everyone.
First, while talking in line, the Bishop told Brian he was going duck hunting Saturday and that we should do dinner. He's probably researching duck recipes at work right now.
I got happy when a nice lady asked if that was my salad and what the fabulous dressing was. She copied down my made-up recipe, and left me quite pleased with myself.
Now for the boy. I knew Eli wouldn't sit on Santa's lap- friendly people behind us in the grocery store line put him in a somber mood- but after dinner and a story with balloon reindeer for all, he actually did! I couldn't believe it. He stayed long enough for a picture and for Brian to tell Santa he wanted a MacBook and that the boy, who had been good, wanted a cat. After he got down he showed several people his newly-acquired bag of candy.
Pretty fun, more candy for Eli to share, and I didn't have to cook dinner. Perfect.


kim said...

Sounds like you guys had a fun time at the Christmas party. That's a darling picture of Eli sitting on Santa's lap. Is Eli getting a cat for Christmas?

Grandpa and Grandma Corrales said...

Furby must have really made quite an impression on Eli for him to ask Santa for a cat....Grandma and I really enjoy all your articles. Thanks for keeping us up to date on the newest Corrales household. It appears you are creating some very fun Christmas traditions and building warm memories in the process.
We love you dearly.

Helena said...

We assume he wants a cat. I'm sure he doesn't know how to "want" anything (except candy). Whenever we're leaving a store he knows he has to put whatever he likes back and doesn't even get sad about it. I like it that way.
I would love to get a cat. Luckily there are tons of free ones on the local classifieds that even come w/ all the food and litter.
I was hoping to get him one on christmas eve, just to make it exciting the next morning.

Esther said...

Yay, you have a blog! This post made me laugh :) I love the title! That's awesome about your recipe, and Eli sitting on Santa! Jimmy really wants a Macbook too, but he won't get it until next Christmas probably. (Even though he's been so good this year.)

Kristyn said...

Helena, I'm so glad you left a comment on our blog! This post was super funny, and I'm impressed that your little Eli would sit on Santa's lap. My son thinks he's evil or something. We're working on it.

About the camera, if you want, you can email me and I'll forward what I received about cameras from my brother in law. I'm extremely camera illiterate, and he was really informative when we decided to purchase ours. Then I can tell you how much we got ours for, the type, etc.