Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Today would be our 7th Valentine's Day, 5th one married, and I call this cake Brian's present. We're getting practical in our old age. I thought it was pretty until I put it next to our beautiful little Esme. Poor cake. At least it is made mostly of melted chocolate and next to no flour.

Tonight we quickly stuffed roast chicken and mashed potatoes in our faces in an attempt to have a peaceful dinner before the kids woke up from their well-timed naps. We didn't quite make it.

Some day, in a couple of decades, we'll have quiet, romantic evenings and probably spend the time missing when the kids were small and sweet. Until then we'll appreciate the preciousness that will be in the past before we know it.
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Anna said...

That cake looks good (and Esme too!).

I remember that first Valentine's Day---back when I was briefly dating, that's been a LONG time.

Kim said...

The cake looks delicious. Esme is such a doll. Oh how I love her hair!