Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thank You Esme

(Almost 3 Months)

I love my quiet time with Miss Mae. Thank goodness for nursing. The rest of the time I feel like I should pay Eli attention, clean, prep for dinner, sew something, squeeze in a shower, or I have a post on my mind. Can't you just stay happy in your bouncer for a couple more minutes?

But she's only awake 8 hours a day, if that. And she will only be a baby for so long.

I now see that I should be glad my little girl dislikes the bottle and that noisiness distracts her from eating. I just realized I enjoy that she requires a sit in the rocker in my quiet dark room.

I get to hold my baby and worry about nothing else.

I get to sing her songs and rub her fluffy little head and squishy cheeks.

I get to inspect her little hands and pudgy feet, hoping I can always remember them as they are now.

I get to tell her how lovely and sweet she is and receive lovely, sweet smiles in return.

I get to feel like I'm accomplishing the most important thing all day, without lifting a finger.

Because I am. Thank you Esme.


Don Ashley Carter and Tigger said...

Well written :) I am trying to enjoy the most important aspect of my day as well -

Jeanne Anderson said...

Aren't babies just the most wonderful little blessings? I think they have magical properties. ;)

cirila said...

Well said. You left out the part about wanting to eat Esme though. Or am I the only one?

Helena said...

Ciril, Squeeze...yes. But I have heard of this. I've heard people use the word "delicious" when talking about their baby.