Monday, February 15, 2010

My Escape

(no, not the random guy below)
I've decided to join this photography club. I didn't even know such things existed until a couple weeks ago. Luckily for Brian, events only come once a month or so and it's free. A little time with both kids always rejuvenates his appreciation for me and vice-versa . Not that we don't already.

Last week I went to my first two events. Saturday was a little intimidating. Nine photographers volunteered to set up various stations with models to teach us about camera settings and various lighting techniques. When it was time to start, I happened to be standing right in front of one and was first. Ahh! Who am I, Nigel Barker? I just want to learn to take good photos of my family, but I like the chance to learn and stretch myself.

The first set up was my favorite, two lights on opposite sides illuminating the white background (apparently it would turn out grey if not lit) and one big soft light above at a 45 degree angle in front of this guy.

Everyone is friendly and the man in charge is really funny. There are even door prizes, provided by a this camera store. I'm sure they'll get plenty of business from me since I'm seeing all these cool, necessary gadgets and lenses everyone has (Like the last picture, it is with this special lens that turns background objects into whatever
shape template you
drop in the front of the lens, those are just regular christmas lights behind her-not that I would drop $250 for that).

I look forward to learning from them all, since everyone's more experienced than I am. I'm just glad for that community education class last year that taught me the basics in working my digital SLR so I can even understand their instructions.

I've already learned some crucial stuff and can't wait for warmer weather when we're outside, taking pictures of beautiousness around the state. I look forward to rubbing shoulders with experts and enthusiasts all willing to share what they know.

I'd love company if anyone wants to come, activities are listed on the photowalking Utah website.


Anonymous said...

Big Girl, I am very proud of you for learning a skill in your very busy life. I can hardly wait to see some of your work. MOM

Don Ashley Carter and Tigger said...

This sounds like so much fun - we recently bought a digital SLR and I would really like to learn how to use all the features! Good luck!