Saturday, February 13, 2010


Eli started getting really distraught when Brian would leave for work in the morning. There was crying and clinging to his dad. So we started telling him the night before what to expect the next morning and Bri avoided working from home so Eli wouldn't insist on that option anymore.

Now he's quite understanding about Daddy working "bye-bye." The other day Esme was fussing and he tried to comfort her by saying "E-May (Esme), Daddy work bye-bye. E-I-Uh (Eli) work home."

I should have asked him what kind of "work" he does at home. A couple nights ago we were at the grocery store and he wanted a toy cow, so I told him he could go home and do some work to earn his own money to buy it. I explained to him that the work would be cleaning something up and that I would give him some quarters, but when he got home he ran for the computer. I came in and he was busily typing and stamping papers and then he asked for his money.

Have I mentioned that he's obsessed with money the last few months? I'm not sure if it was conniving or bad timing, but during a prayer at church, when my eyes should have been closed, I caught him getting out my wallet and taking the change.

We told Brian's parents about this and his mom told us about the time in Kindergarten when Brian made a little boy pay him to be his friend and it worked. Instead of being ashamed, Brian was quite proud of his 5-year old self. Entrepreneur from the beginning.

Eli wasn't as enthralled in the real work I gave him, scrubbing his high chair. He hasn't seen any quarters yet.


Grandma Corrales said...

Love the stories Helena! is truly amazing what children learn from us, and how they interpret what they see us do.

Kim said...

Eli makes me laugh! That's a great story.