Monday, April 19, 2010

Double The Fun

Last night we got back from another trip to Arches, but this time we went with friends, Curt and his family. It worked really well since they also have a 3 year old boy and baby. We broke up the drive with halfway stops each way at a dinosaur museum and a visit to Brian's grandma and a playground nearby. We parents even squeezed in a babysitting swap and went on quick dates to a restaurant with the best view. But it was arches we were there to see.

The boys played, the moms talked, and the dads got intense about climbing.

Even the baby girls socialized.

For Brian, the highlight was getting Eli ready for backpacking this summer, as soon as these mountains thaw out. I was surprised by his patience, he had Eli walk as much of the 1.5 miles as he wanted to Delicate Arch, which was the whole way except for a steep area over bare rock where Brian insisted on carrying him. Here they are reaching the top. We were really impressed, not one of the four kids had a melt down, like all the others around us. The boys looked for lizards and the girls took naps along the way.

We realized just how much Eli loves climbing at Double Arch. Brian did like the Swissers and tied a rope to the boy so he could climb on his own but still be connected to dad in case he slipped. I felt pretty outdoorsie going to REI for good rope and a carabiner and then studying up on rock climbing knots. It was nice not to have to worry, especially about Curt, who is much more adventurous than Eli. We were surprised that our boy who is too scared to go down a slide, climbs fearlessly like a little mountain goat while Curt was almost frozen with fear.

Eli was downright giddy when he reached the top. Grinning with pride. As we drove around later, he pointed out the window and bragged about how he had climbed the red mountains.


cirila said...

How fun. I love that you went on an adventure!

Grandma Corrales said...

Like father, like son! We're so excited that the backpacking tradition lives on. Some of our favorite memories of Brian are of him planning 'the next' backpack trip with his dad. I always treasured the 'adventures' they had to tell me upon their return!

Esther said...

That looks so fun! That picture of Eli on the red rock is awesome!

Manda said...

those are awesome pics!!! I bet you guys had so much fun!