Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ferocious, For A Vegetarian

She has quite the grip

A while back, I would venture to say months, Esme started eying my cup whenever I drank as she sat on my lap during dinner. I thought it was the colorful fishes on the glass, but weeks later realized she wanted to drink. Poor baby.

Lately she's more demanding, its food she needs and she doesn't gaze longingly, she fusses until its in her hand. She does that cute head shake as she prepares to chomp down. I was planning on waiting to feed her for another month since it's so much work and causes messes that are the stuff of nightmares. With Eli we were so excited to feed him and I had all the time in the world to steam and bake organic veggies and run them through a food mill and pump to add milk for the right consistency, patiently feed while all the food comes right back out and then clean up the big mess on baby, table, chair, and floor (and then wash all the dishes I just dirtied). I only have two kids, but somehow it seems too daunting. Poor Esme, again.

Up to now I've only fed her a few times, finding that a slice of ripe peeled pear is perfect, big enough to hold on and dissolves when she sucks on it. A good way to teach her to actually swallow and not spit out food.

She must've gotten hungry watching me throw dinner together tonight. And for some reason I thought she would be patient since she's just nursed and put an acorn squash in the oven for her dinner. Too slow. So I got a carrot steaming. Too slow. Banana it was.

Imagine her head shaking as she goes for the first bite

Pretty good for no teeth

I don't know what it is. I feel like every first must be documented. I get sentimental thinking this is her first carrot, pickle, or chocolate chip. Silly, huh? Well, speaking of documenting:


Sarah Flib said...

I love it, Helena. That's so great she has such an appetite. And I am impressed beyond words that you ever managed to do what you did for Eli!

Kim said...

Great pics! I wish I could watch Esme try different food for the first time. I can't wait until Mikey can start eating solids. BTW, I love the felt game you made. You are amazing!

Anna said...

I have a tiny food processor (and a big one). Maybe one day I can bring it over and you can help me with the car seat cover and i can steam, puree, and freeze some veggies for little Esme?