Monday, April 26, 2010

Why Do I Try So Hard

Apparently I'm on the activities committee at church. I did not know this for a year and a half. That big Christmas party a couple years back must've pooped the old activity leaders right out into inactivity. But the new ones are gung ho and Saturday was our first event. What do they assign this sewaholic with basic skills? Kids games. What do I do all week? Sew a fishing game and bean bags. Last minute I drew the line at making my own bubble solution, only after buying glycerine, which is aparently the secret ingredient for long-lived bubbles. (Just in case you were worried, there was more to do thanks to my partner, an elementary school teacher, who raided the recess closet at school.)

Anyway. The bean bags, with my first attempt at embroidery, went untouched. The fish were a HUGE hit for kids of all ages. One boy was so enthused he decided they needed some water (i.e. bubble solution) in the empty kiddie pool. Right now Eli's happily washing and squishing them out in the sink for me.

I know I'm crazy about homemade, but I only went to all this trouble since I could keep them and have fun kid games on hand for future family home evenings or birthday parties.

I'm already brainstorming carnival games for the summer activity in 3 months.
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Staci said...

Those are adorable! You are amazingly talented - wish I could sew like you!!

Robnz Fam said...

Those would be awesome on the plane trip...I really need to get that sewing machine of mine out!

So funny story about baby #2, I'll have to tell you sometime ;0).

And yes! Fam of Four, please come out to Ohio. Maybe we could make it a trip to Navuoo or something?

Don Ashley Carter and Tigger said...

Wow I love the fish idea! I might have to steal this one and make it.. :D